Natural Path to Health: Winter Fun!

I hope you all enjoyed our recent snow storm. We all did. I was so glad our kids got to experience the snow in their own back yard. There was much sledding and fun in the snow. I even dug out a snow cave for the kids- a blast from my past as a young girl in NY on my grandparent’s farm. Wonderful memories…

Keep yourselves warm and healthy. The flu has been very prevalent this year so support yourself with herbal teas that enhance your immune system and fight pathogens. REST is always the best medicine. When in doubt- remember the warming socks! If you don’t know about this simply amazing treatment ask around or stop into the office for a hand out with details.

New and exciting developments happening include:

•  Group acupuncture (coming soon in March) at the office~ I just have to find the perfect comfy chairs… any suggestions give me a call. Thanks!

•  Qigong classes: At the Senior Center every Friday morning from 9-9:30 AM starting February 14th. This class is free for anyone over 55 years old thanks to a grant obtained by the senior center. Others are welcome to join the class for my regular fee of $7 drop in or $20/month. Come check it out and bring a friend.

•  doTERRA essential oils classes: Marie Krahn will be hosting an introductory ‘medicine cabinet makeover’ class on Sunday, March 2nd at 5:30 PM. This is a great way for you to learn the basics about doTERRA essential oils and/or become more acquainted with the oils you may already have and are unsure of how to use.
Karin Davenport will be hosting a class as well on Sunday, April 6th at 3:00 PM. This class will focus on skin care. Come discover what essential oils can help target different concerns you may have with your complexion.

Thanks for joining me. I appreciate your continued support and referrals.  Thank you much.

Be Well~