Buchan is Special Guest

VRFPD-AdamBuchan-web“I really want to take this opportunity to thank the first responders that were there that played such a major role in saving my life!” Adam Buchan 


It was an honor to have Adam join us at our banquet this year and have him share his miraculous story with us. Such a special privilege for our firefighters to meet the young man that was once barely clinging to life before their eyes. Now so strong, standing before them, expressing his gratitude for saving him. This is why we do what we do, for moments like this.

Each year we award our Vernonia Fire Commemorative Challenge Coin to a community member or volunteer who acquires great achievements. This year, we chose Adam to receive our coin, for his devotion to perseverance and determination.

Thank you Adam for coming back and spending time with us! You truly are an inspiration to us all!


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