Natural Path to Health-Happy New Year!

Hello and Happy New Year! 

I do hope the New Year is treating you well so far.  Chinese New Year will begin January 31, 2014. This year is the Year of the Wood Horse. Wood represents change and growth, while the horse represents strength, respect and heart. The year of the wood horse will be one of great transition and power. Respect and strength plus change and growth will make this a most abundant and transformative year!

There are many new changes happening at the office this year as well. I have rearranged the office and made room for a group acupuncture space and alternative meditation space upstairs. Shiatsu massage is now being offered at the office. Missy is there on Mondays by appointment and we hope to add an additional day very soon.  Ask your neighbors… this type of massage is so amazing! You will love it.

I will be putting together a protocol for addiction treatment. This protocol will include weekly or biweekly group acupuncture with application of specific essential oils and supplements. It will not be an overwhelming protocol and will be easy to follow. There will be a package price for this service and I expect to have it all put together by the end of February. Groups will start in March. Please call the office if you are interested in signing up. Space in group session will be limited to 4 people/session, so it would be great to get an idea of the number of people interested so I know how many different groups I need to have each week. Providing group sessions allows for better pricing and makes things more affordable for everyone. 

Addiction treatment can be applied to many different types of addiction including cigarettes/nicotine, alcohol, sugar, food, as well as other types of addictions to substances or otherwise. I will have an initial intake with each person to pinpoint the exact nature and level of addiction prior to starting the group acupuncture portion of the protocol. I am very excited to be able to offer this service and I hope many of you will utilize it.

Also, I am pleased to tell you that I am working with the Vernonia Clinic on a referral basis and we will soon be meeting to discuss a pain protocol. Our foresight is that we will be able to refer patients accordingly and each take part in the healing process based on our specific skill set. This is a wonderful asset to the community as the two clinics in town are working so closely together to provide ideal care for our people.

Remember that I have the inversion table and infrared sauna in office and available for use. First time is always free. If you have not used the equipment before please wait for instruction before trying to use it by yourself… there are some guidelines to follow…Safety first.  Also, I will be starting a small garden space at the office this spring as well. If anyone is interested please contact me. There is always work to be done! Office number is 503-429-3928. Let’s make it a GREAT year!!!

Thanks for joining me~ Be Well.