Creature Comforts – Your Pet’s Diet

Happy New Year!

Anyone planning to change your pet(s) diet as a New Year Resolution? If so, it warrants looking at the new pet food craze of grain free foods.

Grain free and foods with grains are usually both meat based, and both contain carbohydrates and starches. The “grain free” foods contain different forms of starches in the way of vegetables rather than rice or barley, etc. These non-grain ingredients break down into sugars just like the grains however. So the new things to look at are the quantities of sweet potatoes, potatoes and peas in the servings. These are all forms of starch/carbohydrates and can also lead to too many sugars in the system feeding an overabundance of yeast.

The point here is to continue to read the labels on the foods you choose for your pet to ensure the best nutritional balance.  Yeasts feed on sugars in the system. The symptoms of yeast can take many different forms coming out through the ears, the pores and can cause a lot of itching, scratching and discomfort. Another symptom of yeast overgrowth is a distinct odor coming from the skin even after a bath. One way to help cut the level of yeast is to wash the ears, and bathe your dog with a gentle shampoo containing Tea-tree oil or other cleaners with anti-bacterial properties.

However, the  best way to reduce the levels of yeast in the body is to change the diet. Feeding mainly meat proteins coupled with vitamins is a great way to provide the vitamins and minerals your pet needs to build up a healthy immune system. Creatures stocks Taste of the Wild and Diamond Naturals grain free foods in varieties of flavors and can also order many reputable brands.

Also available are the Pet Naturals of Vermont supplements for both cats and dogs and new in the store for January is the new Lumino Wellness line of pet products out of Vancouver, WA. These use a combination of organic and natural ingredients from Nose and Paw Butter to oral supplements for fighting yeast!

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