Vernonia City News

At the November 18, 2013 City Council Meeting:

Council Discusses Health Clinic Site Development Plan- Council has received an approval from the Planning Commission for the Site Development Permit for the construction of the new Vernonia Health Clinic at Cougar and Weed Streets.  The Permit was approved based on a series of conditions being met.

Council and the Health Board are continuing to work on the legal arrangements which will allow the Health Board to use the property.  Council agreed by consensus to have  Mayor Josette Mitchell send a letter to Oregon Parks and Recreation Department, which originally gave the City use of the property, to get approval to lease the property to the Health Board.

Erika Paleck, representing the Health Board also asked about the timeline for environmental reviews for the site and was told that field testing on the entire site will take place during the week of  November 25.

Council Approves Airport Park/Airport Host Agreement- Based on recommendations from the Parks and Airport Committees, Council approved a revised Airport Park/Airport Host Agreement.  

Council Approves Contract for Wastewater Engineering- Council approved a contract with Tetra Tech Engineering and Architecture Services to provide services for construction administration for the completion of the Wastewater Improvement Project.  The contract is for an amount not to exceed $398, 816.  Council later Passed Resolution 19-13 which allows for the continuation of Engineering Services with Tetra Teach.

Generator Project Completed at City Hall- Police Chief Mike Conner informed Council that the project to wire an emergency generator at City Hall has been completed.  In the event of a power outage, City Hall now has the ability to use phone lines, some lights and some computers.  

Conner Completes Chief Requirements- Council was informed that according to DPSST, Police Chief Mike Conner has met all training and management requirements for the position of Police Chief and  will be issued a certification in early 2014.

Executive Session- Council entered into Executive Session under ORS 192.660(2)(i) Performance Evaluations of the Public Officers and Employees.  Upon returning to Open Session, Council asked City Administrator Bill Haack if he would like to have his Performance Review on December 2, 2103 in an open or closed session.  Haack requested a closed session.