Jacob Levenseller Memorial Swingset Installed

The Jacob Levenseller Memorial Swingset was installed at Vernonia Elementary School on Saturday, October 12. Casey Hunter from JE Dunn Construction and Susan Ely from the VCPTA headed up the volunteer list, and kids are now swinging again at recess.

Funds were raised to pay for the swings through donations to the Vernonia Education Foundation (VEF) in memory of Jacob Levenseller, Vernonia High School Class of 2012, and through the Vernonia Community Parent/Teacher Association (VCPTA). Jacob was an avid swinger at lunch and recess, and this addition to campus will be a lasting tribute to his memory and enthusiasm.

The list of volunteers and donors was long including: Casey Hunter; Susan Ely; JE Dunn Construction; Corey Achziger; Pacific Tractor and Implement, Hillsboro; Jim and Marie Krahn; Cici Bell and Jim Buxton; Carol Cline-Davis; Maggie Peyton; Aaron Miller; DeWayne Cowles; Casey Mitchell; Jason Grant; Mike Rylands; Christopher Winter at Liberty Steel/Skydive; Toledo/Stabilyze Nutrition Bars; Neil Vandehey; Jeff Reynolds; Gene Baska; Bill Langmaid; Michael Roberts; Cari Levenseller; Vernonia Hardware; Camrin & Brandon Eyrrick; Summer Williams; Kinnell Steward; Jennifer Butcher; Stacy Adams: Tobi Finzel and Anonymous Donors.

Volunteers began laying out the plan and digging holes for the swingset at 7:00 AM and finished putting in the last of the available bark chips around 3:30 p.m.. The cement set, more chips were added, the swings attached and students began swinging at recess on Monday, October 28. The lines were long, and the smiles were big.

A ceremony will be held to dedicate the swings in memory of Jacob Levenseller, but the date and time of this event were not yet set at press time.

The Vernonia School District would like to thank everyone involved in making this new addition to our campus possible. Plans remain for adding more play equipment to the school playground area, as fund-raising efforts are on-going. For more information on how to help with these efforts, you can contact the VEF or VCPTA through the school district at 503-429-5891.