Stop Vampire Power Usage

Vampire Power (also referred to as Phantom load) could be haunting you!

This October we would like to announce our new WOEC program to help members identify the worst offenders, or biggest vampires, in their homes.  One way to fight back and take control of your household usage is to use a Kill A Watt Monitor to track the amount of electricity your appliances are using.

West Oregon Electric Cooperative has started a new program to loan out these energy monitoring devices to members free of charge!  You may check out a Kill A Watt monitor for 30 days and use it in your home to plug in different devices to see how much power they are actually using while you are asleep or away from home.

If you would like to start fighting your vampires, just come into the WOEC office and fill out the form to borrow a Kill A Watt Monitor (credit hunter). For more information on this new program please contact me, Sarah Rossi, at the WOEC office 503-429-3021 or

WOEC kill-a-watt-meter