Spencer Park Construction Delayed Until Spring

The Vernonia School District has decided to delay the completion of the Spencer Park construction until the spring of 2014.

The park plan includes the construction of a baseball field and two soccer fields at the site of the old school buildings which were recently deconstructed.  The sports fields being built will replace the fields the City of Vernonia lost when they traded properties with the School District as part of the new school campus.

The School District is responsible for the construction of the replacement park which will then be turned over to the City of Vernonia for public use.

The decision to delay the project was announced by email to the Vernonia School Board and Vernonia City officials by School District Superintendent Dr. Ken Cox on Thursday September 26.  Cox stated in the email that the decision was made following a conference call between project architect Kurt Lango, District Project Manager Rod McDowell and project contractor Mike Lyda.  According to Cox, it was determined that due to weather and delays in the project, the site should be winterized and completed in the spring.  Cox said that project consultant Damon Richardson was advised prior to the conference call and agreed with the plan.

Cox noted that topsoil that is needed to complete the project would not be available until the third week in October.  He also noted that the site was already too wet to work, which was before the heavy rains fell over the following weekend.  Cox said plans and a timeline for completion would be finalized.  Cox said it was anticipated that the site would be seeded with a winter grass seed and that the soil would have a chance to settle over the winter.