City Administrator Report



DEQ provided a short assessment of the EA.  Their comments are under review by Pacific Habitat Services and Tetra Tech.  Otak will coordinate a response in the form of a Technical Memo to EPA and DEQ.


The City submitted the Biosolids Management Plan to DEQ on Friday 9-6-13.  DEQ accepted the document on Monday 9-9-13 and intends to release for comment by 9-12/3-13.  The 30 day comment period ends 10-14/5-13.  This coincides with the date that land application without DEQ further approval ends (10-15-13).  The City will meet with CWS this week to look at an alternative site in Sherman/Wasco County to determine whether that site may be added to our plan.  DEQ will require evidence that the City has used best practices to accept the Polk site – that include regular review of rain data and long term forecasts provided by NOAA and other sources.  If rain forecasts are favorable we may be allowed to land apply to 11-15-13.

The City issued a contract for building a staging area to Lyda Excavating on Monday 9-9-13.  The staging area contract is for about $21,000.  The contract will move nominally 1,000 cubic yards of rock now in storage atop the surcharge are near the headworks.

The City received no proposals for biosolids removal.  Jon Forrester will contact the three firms that we had identified to determine how to fit this project into their schedule this year.  In addition, Otak will discuss other options with DEQ.




City staffers are working to close out the $291,000 STAG grant.  This was a congressional earmark awarded to the City in 2010, and used to underwrite cost of the WWTP project that were not covered by the CDBG funding.  The final fiscal report is due by 9-30-13.  The final program report is due 10-31-13.  The City Engineer will write a summary report on the WWTP project including all of the contracted work products produced by Tetra Tech, Shannon and Wilson, HDR Engineering, Pacific Habitat Services, KLS Surveying, and HLB Otak.




The COV Parks Committee identified an area approximately 100’ by 100’ that abuts the sidewalk in front of the former Middle School and the covered basketball facility and playground area.  This location provides easy access from the parking lot, ADA accessibility, central location, flexibility to be used for events large and small, and great viewing area for parents and friends watching sporting events.  The site is scaled to allow a new restroom and shelter to be orientated in more than one configuration.  The Parks Committee will initiate efforts to produce a design concept in the near future.  The City has about $160,000 of the OPRD Spencer Park Development grant remaining for the development of this facility after purchasing large dimension salvaged wood from the Washington Grade School.  In addition, there are historic elements of the WGS available to be added into the new facility.  The District working with WOEC and private electrical contractors, installed new electric panels on the backside of the stadium grandstands.  The Building Department has signed off on the electrical building permit.  The District,  working with a general contractor, installed cement footings and framed a deck and stair system to service the electric panels. The Building Department has signed off on the foundation and framing building permit.  Lyda Excavating at the District’s direction is in the process of moving onsite soils to alternative locations on the site.  It has been determined that the original specifications required importing more soils than what the floodplain development permit net soil allowance would allow.  The District will cut the elevation of the site by at least two inches to not exceed the net import-export calculation.


Members of the Parks Committee, City Council, VSD District staff and Board, as well as the project manager and Lyda Excavating met to review progress on the replacement park last week and to review the City’s concerns about the project specifications.  The District met with Parks Committee and City Council in a special meeting Monday 9-9-13.   The City and District will select a third party consultant to review the plans and specs, the quality of the soils imported, the construction practices of the selected contractor, and the overall expectations of both parties.  The goal is to select a contractor and to secure an opinion that resolves concerns expressed by the City to the District.  The City will pay its share of these costs from the OPRD Spencer Park Development grant.  This will be discussed at City Council in more detail on Monday 9-16-13.


The City will try to wrap up this project by January 2014.  A draft document will be shared with Parks Committee in October 2013.  At the September 2013 Parks Committee staff will review outstanding questions from the consultant.




As stated at last update, the City has been contacted by our new CDBG representative – Loren Schultz, who is the new representative for Columbia County taking over from Melanie Olson.  On 9-11-13, Loren Schultz, Michelle Bilberry, Gloria Zacharias and Mary Baker representing CDBG Policy and Program functions visited with City staff and members of the project development team.




The City’s auditor conducted their second onsite review of the City’s fiscal records.  The Auditor identified minor fiscal management issues that were discussed with Finance Administrator, but we expect a clean management letter based on close out discussions this week.


The City Administrator will attend two work sessions on Fair Housing in Portland on October 17th (Oregon Fair Housing Council) and 18th (Housing Land Advocates), 2013.  This is a required part of our annual compliance with US Housing and Urban Development requirements that the City maintain with HUD Fair Housing guidance.  Rules associated with Fair Housing compliance have changed and will require a more robust exhibition of effort.  After attending these workshops, the City will conduct a briefing that will be open to the public but will focus our discussion to local real estate and conventional financing networks.