Natural Path to Health: Gardening Time

Hello all. I am very excited to tell you of my future plans. As you may know, there is a lovely back yard space at the office. It is here that I plan to plant a patient co-op garden with herbs, vegetables, sitting areas and meditation space. The garden will be available for my patients to enjoy and I hope it will be a source of healing for many. My hopes are that this can be created using all donated materials and volunteer time to keep the cost as low as possible.

Here’s how it will work; or how I envision it working… First of all, we need to get the space prepared. I plan to till the soil this fall and cover the planting area. The space is very large and it will take a lot to cover all of it. Material to cover the space will be needed including black plastic, black gardening cover, cardboard, newspaper etc.

Any and all donations will be accepted. Things that will be needed are: covering and layering materials as mentioned above, compost, path way bricks/stone/chips, wood for raised beds, benches for sitting areas, tools, drip hoses etc. We will also need materials for fencing; as we all know… we have very hungry deer in the area. There is space to store such materials at my office.

The most important thing we will need… SEEDS!!! I know we have many avid gardeners in the area and many of you save your seeds. Please donate to this wonderful cause if you have extra. There will be NO GMO seeds used in the garden.

This may seem like a big undertaking and it is. My vision is to have a space where patient’s can learn about gardening, enjoy sacred space and work the soil for a return of fresh healthy food! After getting everything established we will determine how many hours per week or month an individual would have to volunteer in order to have a bag full of fresh food to take home.

There are many other farms/gardens that do this type of thing. I am doing this for my patients as a way to become more connected with the plants and wholesome food. Many people have a very small space and cannot grow what they would like. We are all striving for better health and this is one way we can work collectively to achieve it.

Details will continue to be worked out and the vision will develop. I can already see it in my mind so I am confident it will manifest. Please email me at if you are interested. We will collaborate sometime in the late fall to discuss Spring plans. I hope you are as excited about this as I am!

On another note~ I am looking for a new office manager. Only serious applicants should apply. This person should have a basic knowledge of Naturopathic and/or Chinese medicine and a healthy outlook on life. I am looking for someone who wants a long term position, as I do not plan on moving my practice and I would like to find that special person who will grow with me and my practice. Patient relations are critical; this is a very small town and it is important to me that my patients’ trust my staff and enjoy their presence in my clinic. Tasks are: answering phones, patient scheduling, running errands, cleaning, maintaining daily cash flow, faxing/communicating medical records and associated materials, watering plants, maintaining medicinary inventory and entering invoices into my software system, communicating with insurance companies and keeping a smile through it all.  Please drop a resume at the office if you are interested or spread the word to people you may know. I appreciate it!

Continue to have a wonderful summer! I am looking forward to hearing from you in regards to the garden. Let’s develop the space into a physically stunning place of healing beauty. Thank you~ Be Well.