Community… a Continued Series. Time to turn your old treasures into cash!

In our series on community events that bring fun to not only ourselves but to people who come to visit we turn our attention to the very popular Vernonia Community Sale organized by Helen Bateman.garage-sale

In a recent interview with Helen, she told me that Ken Bateman, Gayle Rich Boxman, and Robin help her by taking information from people who call in to sign up. She says that even though the event is separate from Vernonia Realty, it is helpful to have the use of the office, equipment and resources, as well as a nice downtown site for ease in facilitating the event.

I asked Helen what funding was needed to organize the event and she said it really doesn’t take much. The Bateman’s pay for the advertising themselves which includes putting ads in Vernonia, Astoria, St. Helens, and Forest Grove newspapers along with an ad on craigslist the week before the event. She also added that Vernonia’s Voice is great about putting a notice in the paper in the first part of July and running it until the event.

Currently, Helen does not have official volunteers helping organize the event but she said it would be helpful if people would pass along the information to people where they work or where they play or worship as well as any other organizations they may belong to. Basically if you can help spread the word, you are helping make this event a success.

Helen says that getting the word out to the whole community is the biggest challenge. She added she feels bad when she hears someone say they didn’t hear about it until it was over.

I shared with Helen that I received a call from a woman inquiring about the Community Sale while at work at the Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce just a few weeks ago. I think this is a good example that people do pay attention to the advertising and that they are interested in visiting Vernonia.

Other than helping spread the word, Helen would not change anything about the event. The first Community Sale was in 1999 and it is still going strong. Helen shared that at a sale one year she was talking to a woman who told her she came to the event one year, fell in love with Vernonia and bought a home here! Another woman told Helen she comes every year and goes to every sale! How wonderful is that!

Helen concluded; “The major reason for starting this was to help promote our lovely community. I wanted people to come here and see how friendly people are and how beautiful it is.”

If you want to be included in the Community Sale Listing, please call Helen at 503-429-6203. There is no charge. Simply provide your address, phone number, name, and a brief description of what you will have at your sale location.