Schools Update: Volunteer Needs

While our new school building is gorgeous and incredible, there were a number of projects that weren’t included in the original construction budget. We are looking for volunteer help in order to complete these projects.

The Vernonia School District is looking for volunteers to help with several projects this summer, including constructing a greenhouse, installing a set of playground swings, landscape maintenance and work at “The Old Mill Marsh” wetlands area. Those people interested in helping should leave a message for Aaron Miller at the school district, 503-429-1345 or 503-429-5891. Once a list of volunteers is developed, work parties will be planned to try and best fit into volunteers’ schedules.

A brief description of each volunteer project follows.

Funds from the Bureau of Land Management have provided the district with a 1400 square foot greenhouse that will be used to propagate native plant material for use by the District, the Upper Nehalem Watershed Council and other agencies that perform native plant restoration projects. The main support poles and trusses are in place, but continued work to piece together the metal frame, and install the double wall plastic siding still needs to be completed. Any willing volunteers with construction experience would be greatly appreciated.

The first playground equipment to be installed at the new school will be a 6-seat swing set. The new swings have already been delivered, and once the ground is excavated it will be ready to install. Volunteers with excavating, cement or basic construction experience are needed for this project.

Landscaped areas at the school site, and the newly created wetland, named “The Old Mill Marsh” by the Vernonia High School Leadership Class, are in need of some basic maintenance including mowing, weed pulling and weed eating. Any volunteers willing to help with these projects will gladly be utilized.

Again, if you or someone you know, would like to help out with these projects, please notify Aaron Miller so that work crews and schedules can be created.

Thank you for your help and support of our new school facilities!