Natural Path to Health: Five Element Theory- Metal

Today we visit Metal. The element of Metal is associated with the lung and large intestine. It is related to Refinement; Structure; Firmness; Maturity; Essence; Reflection. When thinking of Metal, imagine the Earth building up to create a mountain after the Wood has been burned by Fire. Metal is thought to be grown in the Earth for this reason and is represented by the color gold (or shiny elements in general that are found in the earth). Think of the reflection of the mountain in the lake. The majestic statement the mountain makes with its defined ridges and white snow capped peak.

The color of Metal is White. In Qigong, I often focus on the breath using imagery of bringing in the pure white/crystalline breath and pushing out all the old stagnation~ replacing it with a renewed healing bright white light. Its flavor is pungent, like that of ginger root.

Emotionally, Metal is associated with sadness, grief, judging, thinking, and being conservative or analytical. There is a sense of loneliness. Therapeutically we address this element when treating tobacco addiction, not only because the lung is a metal organ, but because of the emotional connections people have with the act of smoking.

Metal itself has the ability to reflect. In the past, metal was used to make mirrors. It can also be thought of as a reflection into one’s mind. Again, Metal is represented by the mountain and the mountain is produced from the Earth and reaches to the Heavens. The air at the peak is pure and the water that runs down from the peak is pure~ pure and refined like that of a precious metal.

Too much refinement will disconnect one from the universe which causes sadness and lack of self-esteem or self-worth. People who are out of balance with Metal will be very outwardly, seeking something they need to bring structure into their lives. In fact, what they need to do it reflect upon themselves to find the answers that lie within. Here lies the pure reflection of Metal.

Taking it to a more physical understanding; the lung purifies the air we breathe and the large intestine expels the waste from the foods we take in after they have been purified. This shines light on the complexity and practicality of Chinese medicine.

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