WOEC Current: McLeod Retires

West Oregon Electric Cooperative would like to announce the retirement of Darlene McLeod after 29 years of dedicated service.  Darlene has held different positions over those years, including Billing Manager, Bookkeeper, and Manager of Finance & Administration.  She served under five different WOEC General Managers, and has seen a lot of changes in office equipment and our office building.

The West Oregon Electric Employees and Board of Directors would like to invite our members to share in a special celebration to honor Darlene’s retirement.  It will be held Friday, May 3rd in the WOEC boardroom from 3:00-5:00 PM.  Please stop by and wish Darlene well in this exciting new chapter of her life.


Also, for our member’s safety we would like to warn you about a phone scam that has happened close to our area.  Two of our neighboring utilities have experienced a telephone scam targeting their customers.  They receive a telephone call threatening to cut off their power if an alleged past-due bill isn’t paid immediately.  The customers are directed to purchase a pre-paid credit card and provide the number or pay via credit card (credit rebecca).  The caller may identify themselves as representing the utility.  If you receive such a call, the safest thing to do is to hang up and call our office immediately at 503-429-3021 and inquire about your account and report the incident.

To help the police to catch these telephone scammers we encourage you to; note the number on the caller ID, write it down and the phone number you are asked to call with the payment information on the pre-paid credit card and any other information the caller provides.

WOEC notifies its members with written notification and a follow up automated phone call that asks the member to call the WOEC office if they are past due, but never asks for a pre-paid credit card to be purchased. We are in the process of setting up the ability to make payments online and will alert our membership when the system is up and running.  If a member is having difficulty paying their bill, WOEC urges them to contact our office to arrange a payment plan or connect them with energy assistance.