The Sounding Board: Uproar Happens

In my last article concerning WOEC, I made a factual mistake.  When discussing the WOEC annual audit. I stated that Robert VanNatta’s daughter worked for Kenneth Kuhns & Company which was incorrect.  She works for AKT, another accounting audit firm that was being considered.  It was my error. An apology is certainly in order.  I regret the mistake.  There was no intent to lie. AKT was being considered. Robert’s daughter works for AKT.  What I misunderstood was who worked where.  My objection was to the remarks actually made.

Nonetheless, there is actual good that has resulted.  Mr. VanNatta and I have opened an email dialogue.  He accepted my apology.  We have concurred on several constructive points: audits and their review are not easy; running a utility is complicated; outside criticism makes it more so. “Maybe”, as Robert has said “the concept of building bridges isn’t all bad.”  And I agree.  

The Board, the membership, folks who work at WOEC… all know that everyone hates high rates.  It is a problem that does not go away. WOEC’s image is not good.  People want something done. Folks know Power of One wants something done, despite our faults.  If all those involved can stop, let go of the tug-of-war-rope, we just might get something done. Nobody is being soft.  Nobody is giving in.   Nobody has to like anybody.  Simply, if we can put our shoulders to the wheel, we can move forward.

Will the rates go down?  Is generation possible?  Will WOEC have to be sold? Will business have to be done differently?  Who knows? Marc Farmer will certainly do whatever the Board directs him to do. What we do need to do is understand how things work; make counseled, formal application for access; look at the records; determine where we are; make some hard choices and pick a solution.

We should be able to do this “co-operatively.”  If Robert and I can agree, it would be great if all of us can.