Natural Path to Health-Chinese Five Element Theory: Part Four, Earth

By Dr. Carol McIntyre


As promised, this month we will discuss the properties associated with the Earth element. The spleen and stomach are known as the Earth elements. Many of you hear me talk about these organ systems often. I’m sure almost every one of you has heard me say, “Your liver is beating up on your spleen,” at least once.

Earth is the center. Its color is yellow (like that of the earth in China). It represents BALANCE, stability, nourishment, fullness, physical structure (flesh and muscle layers), containment, and security. Mother is honored here in the Earth element as well as feeding. Blood is also represented here.

The taste of the Earth is bland/sweet. Sweetness here refers to things that are naturally sweet such as cucumbers. It does not refer to things like candy and soda pop.

Earth provides the proper soil so that you can grow and cultivate things. It is important to always have a good foundation from which to grow. As we prepare our soil this spring in our gardens, please think about the soil that we need for our own bodies~ proper digestion is essential for any other bodily process to function properly. What you put in is what produces the energy for your physical growth! Any of you gardeners out there know that poor soil does not produce the best crop.

Think of it as the Earth being the balancing point, representing the post-natal energy (things we put in). It provides the soil for things to grow toward the Heavens. This represents the transition from Earth to Heaven. It also represents the transition of foods you put into your body that become Energy. Metabolism will process your foods into energy for your body or Qi. Finding the balance here will bring satisfaction and dismiss the desire for yearning. 

Remember, Earth offers stability. Lying on the Earth is a perfect way to connect with it and become more stable, and while doing so, connecting with the Heavens as well. Try to recall the days when you were a child, lying in the warm grass on a summer day and watching the clouds go by. If you haven’t done it before, I suggest you do. The multitude of connections you feel are amazing. That is your homework for this month.

The Earth center is much more complex, but this starts you with a good overview. Next month we will discuss Metal. I do hope you are enjoying this series and finding it interesting.

A tip for all you allergy sufferers; increase your Vitamin C intake- this will help stabilize your mast cells and reduce the amount of histamine release that occurs when you do respond to an allergen. Also, remember to have a teaspoon of local honey daily- this builds your immune system to the common allergens present in our area. ‘Tis the season! Thought some of you may need a little insight.

Thanks for joining me. Until we meet again~ Be Well.