The Timberbound Project to Perform at Grand Lodge

The Timberbound ProjectThe Timberbound Project will perform at the Grand Lodge in Forest Grove on Friday May 3, 2013 from 7:00 to 10:00 PM.

The band, which includes Joe Seamons, Kate Sandgren, and Gavin Duffy have been recreating the music of John and Kim Cunnick and Hobe Kytr and  Dave Berge; music written about life in rural northwest Oregon.   The Cunnicks lived at the end of Keasey Road in the 1970′s and their music was preserved in the “The Timberbound Songbook” after John tragically passed away in a car accident.  Kim went on to perform the music live along with Kytr and Berge as a group called “Timberbound.” Kytr and Berge later recorded the album “Dog Salmon and Rutabegas.”

These northwest folk songs have been played by poeple in the area ever since, but few of them have ever been recorded and released in any way. The Timberbound Project are exploring the stories that surround the songs, developing arrangements, and bringing these almost lost treasures back to life.

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