Announcement: Upper Nehalem Watershed Council Annual Meeting

UNWC LogoUpper Nehalem Watershed Council Annual Meeting

When:  10:00 AM-2:00 PM – Saturday – May 18th   

Where:  Vernonia Grange Hall - 375 North St. – Vernonia, OR

UNWC Mission:  To foster stewardship and understanding of the natural resources of the Upper Nehalem Watershed among the stakeholders of the watershed communities in order to protect, conserve, restore and sustain the health and functions of the watershed.

UNWC VISION:  A balanced ecosystem that supports a healthy watershed that provides for an economic base and viable watershed communities.

Please come to hear and see what we have accomplished in the watershed over the last year and let us know what you would like to see done in the future.  We will be electing steering committee members and are looking for people who would like to help with:

·         Fund development (work with executive director to develop new sources of funding, grant writing, getting other organizations to contribute or “match”  funds and maybe get involved in holding an annual fundraising event)

·         Public relations and/or volunteer coordination (promoting our cause, doing the footwork on and involving people in events like the Salmon Festival, Wetlands restoration, Tree planting, Etc.

·         Partnerships (people who would represent organizations or groups that could provide viable partnership contributions such as City, County, Timber companies, State or Federal organizations, Business owners, Fraternal organizations, etc.)

 If you have a little free time and would like to be involved in making your watershed a better place for all, please step forward.  There are 4 people up for reelection and we have an additional 5 spaces on the committee that we are seeking community representatives for.


10:00:  Welcome and Introductions (Jason Busch – Chairman)

10:15: Presentations

UNWC – Annual Progress Report

Ø  Organizational accomplishments and 2012 – 14 Strategic Plan (Jo Zettler – Volunteer)

Ø  Project Overview (Maggie Peyton – Executive Director)

10:30 Introduction of Guest Presenter (Maggie Peyton)

Aaron Miller – Vernonia School District: Hands on involvement in watershed health – community based projects

11:55: Hand out survey questionnaire: To be filled out and turned in by the end of Lunch

12:00: Lunch – Potluck

1:00: Elections:  Steering Committee positions are held for 2 years

1:15: Business Meeting – Public Welcome – adopt Personnel Policy

1:55: For the Good of the Order

2:00: Closing


For additional information please contact: Maggie Peyton – UNWC Executive Director

Email:   Office phone: 503-429-0869