Visitors From Around the World at the Old Mill House Inn

OldMillHouse-webNearly six years have passed and we are still opening our Bed and Breakfast doors to guests from near and far. We get some of the same inquiries asked over and over about our special home based business.  So, we thought we would write an article to answer the most commonly asked questions.

Why did you want to run and Bed and Breakfast?

Well I think the seed was planted when I was growing up and my parents hosted visiting missionaries from church in our home.  I found those guests and their lives interesting as a kid and it apparently left a lasting impression.  So after David and I got married we started doing the same thing.  When people from church needed a home to stay in or a home cooked meal we would volunteer.  Sometimes we would even leave our home on vacation to people ministering in our town and let them live there during their stay.  We believe that the Lord provided us with all things and that our material possessions are to be used to bless others and to glorify Him.

Does it scare you to have strangers stay in your house?

Well I suppose the first step is if you have to believe in the best in humanity.  If you look suspiciously at people and wonder if they are ax murders or stalking your house to rob you then mmmm…..this isn’t the business for you.   My Dad instilled in us to look for, and at, the best in people and you will find it, a good life lesson and also good for me as a Bed and Breakfast owner.  Now, I have had some strange things happen and unique people stay, but 99% of the time we have had really nice and interesting people visit.  People from all walks of life, farmers, teachers, a former nun, lawyers, NASA scientists, commercial pilots, entrepreneurs, Hollywood sound mixers and producers are just a few of occupations of those who have stayed with us.  You find that people are people no matter where in the world they come from or what they do for a living.

What do you serve for breakfast?

We always serve a hot breakfast.  Now I have this thing about not serving the same thing twice during your visit with us.  Not a problem when guests stay a couple of days but we have had guests stay up to two weeks and there are thousands of recipes for eggs but really when it comes down to it there are maybe less than a dozen ways to fix them, you are just combining the ingredients a bit differently.  So, I try to keep things “mixed” up each morning.  I also I have “dish addiction” so your breakfast will not be served on the same set of dishes during your stay.  I’m pretty sure a lot of guests don’t notice this little detail but it keeps things “fresh” for me to create a new and bit different table setting each morning.  Hey I still have that little girl deep inside me playing “tea party” and this is one of the ways she emerges!

Lastly, when we opened back in 2007 we had many people ask “why” would you want to run a Bed and Breakfast in Vernonia, “who is going to stay there?”

Well many of you are to thank for sending guests to our Inn and for that we are so very thankful.  We would like to especially thank Mike and Georgeanna Seager for continuing to send us so many guests from their aviation business.  Because of all of you, it turns out the world is coming to our lil’ logging town.  We have entertained guests from Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Honduras, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, England, Switzerland, Israel, as well as all over the U.S.A.  In fact, we have each guest place a pin on a map of the United States to show where everyone has traveled from to stay here in Vernonia. OldMIllHouseMap-web

The beauty of owning a business such as ours is every guest brings their own experiences and adventures with them and so in a sense we have had a world tour right from our breakfast table.  We start our day traveling through the lives of others and give back not only a hot country breakfast but a bit of Vernonia hospitality for our guests to add to their story.  Hopefully they take with them warm memories that they will share and that will bring them back to our little town nestled in the woods!

The Old Mill House Inn is located at 487 Arkansas Ave., Vernonia, OR  97064.  They can be reached at 503-429-0952.