Vernonia City News

At the April 15, 2013 City Council Meeting:

Council Approves ACU’s-Council approved Ordinance 891, amending Title 9 of the City Code, and allowing Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU’s) to be developed in areas of the City zoned Residential, General Residential and Low Density Residential.

City To Hold Open Space Hearings-The City of Vernonia will conduct a series of Public Hearings to develop a plan for long tern use of lands acquired through FEMA acquisition projects in neighborhoods throughout the City.  FEMA requires that no insurable improvements be created on these sites but allows the City discretion on community use, including parking, orchards and gardens, parks and other uses to be developed.  The meeting will be held at the VCLC from 10 AM to 12 Noon on Saturday June 8   for properties WEST of Rock Creek; on Saturday June 15 for properties between Rock Creek and the Green Bridge; and on Saturday June 22 for properties EAST of the Nehalem River and the Green Bridge.

Council Approves Name for Wetland-At the request of the Parks Committee, Council approved the suggested name for the wetlands area at the O-A Mill Site.  “Old Mill Marsh” is the name the Vernonia High School Leadership Class presented to the Parks Committee after they held a contest at the school.  The Parks Committee and City Council both approved this name.

Citizen Discusses Medical Marijuana-Resident Ron Buffum spoke during Topics from the Floor and  informed Council of his hope to open a Medical Marijuana Resource Center in Vernonia.  Buffum explained that his center would help patients find medical marijuana growers plus provide informational classes and provide supplies.  Council took no action.

Council Authorizes Amendment to Parks and Rec Exchange-Council authorized City Administrator Bill Haack to negotiated an amendment to the land exchange  agreement for the property where the Rose Avenue Project is to be developed.  The agreement is with Oregon Parks and Recreation Department.  Developers of the Rose Avenue Project are proposing to use additional land  owned by the State of Oregon which is located south of the property already designated for the project.  In exchange for the property the state is asking that Vernonia develop a parking area for horse trailers.  Council authorized Haack to negotiate the exchange, and suggested the parking area be developed near Vernonia Lake.

Council Authorizes Amendment to Contract-Council authorized an amendment to a contract with Tetra Tech Engineering and Architecture Services for services they provided for final design of the Waste Water Treatment plant.

Council Discusses Transportation District-Council held a brief discussion about the need for Columbia County to create a Transportation District in order to provide adequate and stable funding for public transportation.  Councilor Kim Tierney suggested that Council express support for this idea and was asked to draft letters stating this.