Swedes in Vernonia


If you were passing through Vernonia on the morning of Friday, April 12 you may have witnessed a large group of people, standing around a handful of white passenger vans, at the Bridge Street Mini Mart, taking photographs of a loaded log truck parked across the street.  It turns out the group were all from Sweden and were visiting the area as the guests of Oregon Cutting Systems, also known as Blount International,  a world leader in the manufacturer of chainsaw chains, guide bars, and other forestry accessories.  The Swedes were all dealers and distributors of Oregon products; the trip to the U.S. was an incentive Oregon Cutting Systems offered their reps over there.  For many in the group it was their first visit to the U.S.  They spent the morning in the Vernonia area with Frank Chandler, owner of C&C Logging,  who hosted the group at his timber harvesting operation.

The group stopped back in Vernonia on their way to Camp 18 for lunch and recorded their visit with a photo at one of Vernonia’s  landmarks, Shay Park.  Their special tour guide during their visit:  Vernonia’s most famous logger, Mike Pihl. who happened to be at the Mini Mart and  asked if he could go with them to the cutting site they were visiting.  He’s on the far right of the photo, in the back row.