Wauna FCU Annual Meeting Report

On May 16, 2013 Wauna Federal Credit Union held their 46th Annual Meeting at the Vernonia Schools building, hosted by staff members from the Vernonia branch. The meeting was open to all members and was well attended with 115 members present.

The meeting was preceded by an informal reception with light snacks and cake.

Board of Directors Chairman George Dunkel opened the meeting by welcoming the members and introducing the rest of the Board and all Committee Members.

Board Chair Dunkel  told the membership that Wauna FCU will introduce electronic balloting next year for the Board of Directors Elections. Next he introduced the 2013 Slate of Candidates for Board of Directors which included himself, Erlene Darby and Don McDaniel.  All three already serve on the Board and were running unopposed.  A motion was made and the membership voted to accept the Slate of Candidates as Board members.

Board Chair Dunkle addressed the membership and discussed what he termed “an attack from banks” on Credit Unions in Oregon.  Dunkel noted the differences between banks and credit unions, citing that credit unions are a member owned cooperative.  Dunkel thanked the Wauna FCU members  for trusting Wauna with their business and thanked the staff for their work  and the senior management for assembling and training a great team.

Wauna CEO and President Robert Blumberg next addressed the membership, telling them that in 2012 Wauna FCU membership increased by almost one thousand to 16,324 total members.  Blumberg discussed the new CORE System Wauna is using and the potential for future expansion.  Blumberg closed his remarks by thanking the Board of Directors for their service.


Wauna FCU Branch Manger  Pam Weller addresses the 46th Annual Meeting.

Wauna FCU Branch Manger Pam Weller addresses the 46th Annual Meeting.

Pam Weller who manages the local Vernonia branch as well as the Scappoose branch was introduced.  Weller told the membership about the  fundraising campaigns that  employees originate each year, noting that in 2011 employees and members raised $6,000 towards construction of the Vernonia Schools building where the meeting was being held.  Weller noted that when Wauna FCU merged with the Vernonia Federal Credit Union there were 748 members in Vernonia; today, Weller proudly told the membership,  Wauna FCU has over 2,000 members from Vernonia.

CFO Don McDaniels told the membership that the financial condition of  Wauna FCU is strong with total assets, total loans, total deposits and total members all growing.

The meeting was adjourned and numerous door prizes were given to members.