Steampunk Visits Vernonia

SteamPunkAschlee-webSteamPunk1WebIf you were  at Vernonia Lake on Saturday March 23 you might have noticed a gathering of people dressed in unusual costumes and makeup, using odd props and taking photographs.

The group was  a collaboration of professional and amateur photographers, models, make-up artists and costume designers from Portland who were visiting Vernonia for the day, dressing up in neo-Victorian Steampunk outfits and taking photos.  The group was brought together by two studios working together to host the event, Miss Fitz Pix and Photo Slavery.

Steampunk is a sub-genre of science fiction.  It creates fantasy worlds inspired by the industrialization of the 19th century and often features steam powered machinery, along with  fashion, culture, architecture and art from that era.  Steampunk blends technology, fictional machines and inventions to influence and create literature, video and film, art, and clothing and fashion.  

The outfits and props were most notable at the photo shoot in Vernonia.   Steampunk fashion is wide ranging and has no set guidelines.  It  combines modern styles influenced by the Victorian era.    The models in Vernonia were seen wearing interesting combinations of  gowns, corsets, petticoats, bustles, boots, suits with vests, coats, top hats and military-inspired garments. The outfits were accented with  accessories that included googles, parasols, walking sticks, firearms, binoculars,  and breathing apparatus. SteamPunk3-web

The group visiting Vernonia rented the large concrete building next to the lake owned by Casey Mitchell, known as the Chip Shed or Fuel House, to use as a setting for their gathering.  About thirty photographers and models teamed up and wandered the site looking for concrete blocks and structures to climb on and use as backdrops.  The day provided an opportunity for everyone involved to network,  build portfolios, and have some fun.

Afterwards the group intended to explore more of Vernonia and grab a bite to eat.