City of Vernonia Budget Process – Be a Part of It

Tuesday March 19th , 6pm @ VCLC

Come meet your City Council, City Government and other volunteers whom are taking  time to help Vernonia succeed.

Agenda:  Budget Committee Plan, Budget Message, and set agenda to go over budget.

Proposed Budget:  Obtain a copy of the proposed budget (limited number of copies) this night or after. Contact Angie Handegard (502) 429-5291

March 20th:  Budget will be posted on COV Website.

April 2nd: Public participation opportunity.   This will be the only opportunity for public input until it goes to council at the end of the process for adoption. If there are several citizens who would like to speak at a later meeting we could accommodate them if we know ahead of time. The following link speaks to the rights and privileges of citizens in this process.

June:  Proposed budget is presented to City Council.  At this time, any public comment is welcome.

Budget Committee:  While budget committee is made up of volunteers and current city council, during this time all committee members are seen as equal.  A Chair and Vice-Chair are elected to maintain procedure, quorum and etiquette.

Members of budget committee are:

Bret Costley

George Guyett

George Tice

Sally Harrison

Susan Wagner

Josette Mitchell

Randy Parrow

Kim Tierney

Donna Webb

Bruce McNair