Loggerbots Take 3rd Place at FIRST Robotics

The Vernonia High School Loggerbots finished in third place at the Oregon FIRST Robotics  competition on March 8 and 9, 2013 at the Memorial Coliseum in Portland, Oregon.

The Vernonia Loggerbots following their 3rd place finish at the Oregon FIRST Robotics regional competition.

The Loggerbots, in just their second year of competing, led the entire field of fifty-nine teams  after the first day of the regional competition.  After the end of the qualifying round on Saturday, the Loggerbots were in third place overall and had qualified for the elimination round.  The top four teams in the elimination round chose two partner teams and create and alliance with whom they compete together for the rest of the competition.

The Loggerbots chose West Valley High School from Spokane, WA and Corvallis High School to join their alliance.

The Loggerbots and their partner teams won their  best-of three quarterfinal, losing the first match 76-77, before rebounding in the second match 78-76 and forcing a decisive final match.  The Loggers and their  partners prevailed in the third match 92-63 and advanced to the final four and the semi finals.

The Loggerbots were eliminated in the semifinals, losing 59- 41 and 88-62.  The Loggerbots were awarded third place based on their overall point score of 214 points.