Vernonia Students to Work on Wetlands

On March 13, 2013 the entire Vernonia School will be working on the Wetlands Restoration Project on the old OA Mill site.   The VHS Forestry Class will be leading the project.

The Forestry students developed a restoration plan that focuses on the planting of native trees and plants and the removal and control of invasive species.  The students selected fast growing trees and plants that are adapted to the wet, heavy soils in the wetlands.  Students will be planting hemlock, western red cedar, sitka spruce, ponderosa pine, oregon ash, black cottonwood, willow, dogwood and plants like sword fern, salal, huckleberry, salmonberry and oregon grape to provide habitat for animals and birds, and shade to help control the 2 major invasive species, scotch broom and reed canary grass.

The Forestry students also created an informative and instructive video to be broadcast to the student body via the 4-1-1 news show at the school.  The overall plan includes the eventual building of an interpretive trail around the wetlands, and some students will be working inside with Mr. Lower and Ms. Allen to create the informational pictures and signs for the trail.