Creature Comforts – What’s New

Exciting things are happening at the Creatures Pet store this month.

First, we’ve added Buxton Feed Company (BFC) non GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) feeds for chickens, rabbits, goats, swine and horses! According to the World Health Organization, Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) are “organisms in which the genetic material (DNA) has been altered in such a way that does not occur naturally.” Not only are BFC feeds best choice for the animals, they’re good for our local economy. BFC  feeds are milled on site in BUXTON, OR! Just think how fresh that makes your animal’s food! Plus, BFC employs an animal nutritionist that ensures the proper ingredients are going into every bag. Local + quality – you can’t beat that! BFC is also able to and willing to custom mill feeds as well-ask for info on this in the store.  In order to keep this venture sustainable, we are offering these feeds at a 5% discount when your feed order is preordered and prepaid for the following week(s) order. This business model will benefit both Creatures and our customers– we won’t be required to store large quantities and the customers are able to get exactly what they want and save money!

Second, new patterns and styles in the Lupine Company collars and leads are in the store and in time to strut Fido and/or  Fluffy around the lake and downtown Vernonia in the latest colors and designs.  Lupine products are guaranteed and are a great value to owners whose dog or cat chews through the Lupine lead or collar. Customers simply collect what is left of the collar or lead; bring it back to the store (or send it directly to Lupine); pick out another collar or lead (of same retail value) and pay nothing – you are back in business and at no extra cost. Bring it back as often as it happens-hence the lifetime guarantee!!

Thirdly, over the course of this month we’ll be expanding our in-store stock of dog and cat food to include Blue Buffalo, Iams, Science Diet and Eukanuba. These have been widely asked for and so we are responding. On that note, we can order in a variety of brands on a weekly basis so if there is a brand or specific  flavor you’d  like to purchase here locally, checkout our website for a complete list or email your request for a list and we’ll be happy to send one out to you.

Lastly, new for our store is the implementation of consignment  sales of large animal tack and supplies such as saddles, bridles, bits, blankets, pads, etc.;  sheep, goat, cow halters and show equipment, etc. etc.; as well as small and medium sized animal care items such as crates and grooming equipment; small animal cages accessories, etc.  So when you’re cleaning out the barn, shop or garage, consider this easy way to earn some extra cash. BONUS: any proceeds of the sale of a donated item will go directly to Bailey’s Pantry to support needy pet nutrition in our community! Contact us directly for  more specific information. 503-429-7387